Title: Death on the Nile 0/?
Author: A-chan (aishiteru_1x2@yahoo.com)
Pairings: 1x2, 1xR, 2+1
Warnings: None for this chapter

Note: I did not copy the dialogue from the book, so it won’t be as good as the way Agatha Christie wrote it, ‘k?


Prologue.: Matromony~


Relena stood up when a familiar voice called her name: "Relena!"

She smiled happily as Duo nearly knocked down the butler in his haste to reach her. After the initial embrace, he ran back and returned a minute later, a stranger in tow.

"Well, here he is, my Heero," the American beamed, placing a slender hand on the arm of the young man with him.

For a reason Relena couldn’t begin to comprehend, she blushed. He was awfully good-looking… She extended her hand and Heero shook it politely.

"Heero Yuy," he said simply, face stoic but blue eyes facinating the girl tremendously.

"Relena Peacecraft," she replied demurely.

"I know."

A sudden pang struck her heart. Lucky Duo…


Pargan threw down the newpapers he held. He forced himself to calm down. On the front page was the picture of a happily smiling Relena Peacecraft in a beautiful wedding gown. For once, her smile was not directed at the public, but at the young, glowering Japanese beside her, tuxedo immaculate and body language radiating groom-like essance.

The attorney sighed. Dear Relena was not yet twenty-one, but had married. That would put an inconvinient thorn on the side of the original plan…

A knock on the door interrupted his thoughts.

"Come in."

His secretary poked her head in the room.

"What is it?"

"Pargan, you’ve seen the papers?" the woman inquired.

He nodded grimly. But to his surprise, she leapt at him joyfully.

"Do you not see the pure trouble of the situation?" She grinned slyly.

He cocked his head. "Dear Angela, I think you know me as someone who recognizes a rough situation when it presents itself."

She pulled out a document from the folder at the crook of the arm. "But I want you to look at this, ‘Uncle Pargan’," she pointed, "You were Melhuish Peacecraft’s closest friend. So close infact, that he left you in charge of his daughter and her money when he died. That is, until she turned twenty-one or married. She is almost twenty-one, and has married. She now has full control of the money, her estate, and basically, you’re out of the picture. And the safe."

Pargan nodded. She continued, pulling out another document and tapped one particular passage. "Would this not ‘get you out of the soup’?"

Slowly, as if realization was dawning on him, he picked up the sheet and read and reread the sentence. "Yes…I believe it does…"

Angela grinned and patted his back. "Then go to it, Pargan!"


Wufei glared at the picture of that Peacecraft girl’s wedding day on the front page of the Times. Useless, that’s the word to describe her. Probably can’t do anything but look pretty and make people work while she takes all the credit.

His mother seemed to notice his dark look. "Isn’t she beautiful," the old lady sighed. "And so kind, too. Did you know she put up the money to refurbish the old Library in the city? The dear…that old building’s been neglected for decades, and then comes along a charming girl voulunteering to make it better than new." Mrs. Chang smiled dreamily. "She deserves all the happiness in the world."

Wufei scowled. Women, they were all the same…they all held the same tendency to see nothing beneath the surface of a circumstance. Can his own mother not see that Relena Peacecraft was not lifting a nail in this so-called ‘wonderful’ deed?


Quatre winced when his grandmother suddenly let out an ear-piercing shriek of "Relena Peacecraft…MARRIED?!?!? Oh the darling, how lucky of her! Wait…how lucky of me, to be going on the same boat as her in a week! Oh!"

"G-grandmother, please," Quatre pleaded. "Not so loud."

The old lady snapped: "This is my house and I can be as loud as I want."

"But Grandfather is sleeping…"

"Oh, fiddlesticks. Surely he would want to be wakened to be notified that I will be meeting Relena Peacecraft on her honeymoon to Egypt." Mrs. Winner giggled and tapped her cane against her wheelchair impatiently. "Help me out of this damned chair and upstairs, boy. I have wonderful news to tell. Ohohoho!"


I haven’t even started the first chapter and I’m done with the epilogue. *sighs* Rose, I mentioned a while back about starting sequels before finishing the first story. This is kind of like that.