Title: Death on the Nile--Teaser
Author: A-chan (aishiteru_1x2@yahoo.com) and Agatha Christie ^^;
Pairings: 1xR, 1x2, 2+1, 3+4, 5+S
Warnings: Murder
Type: Not-really fusion (as in, I took the plot, but I did not go through the book and copy it word-for-word)
Disclaimer: I do not own GWing, nor do I own what is quite possibly my favorite book of all time, Death on the Nile.
Notes: *falls over* I told Shi-chan I'd do it, so I did it! I killed Agatha Christie's masterpiece! WAHAHAHA I feel so evil…
Note2: Thank you Looper for Betaing this! ^_^

To start it off, casting:
Relena--Linnet Ridgeway/Doyle (come ON! It just fits perfectly doesn't it? The rich girl, the much-loved girl, the dead girl?)
Heero--Simon Doyle (yes, that means he marries Relena *gets goosebumps*)
Duo--Jacqueline de Bellefort (Simon's ex-lover; that also fits, ne?)
Pargan--Andrew Pennington (you know, the characters in DOTN seems to be MOLDED to the GW charas)
Dorothy--Joanna Southwood (Linnet's good friend; another perfect match!)
Wufei--Tim Allerton
Sally--Rosalie Otterbourne (so sue me, I wanted Wu and Sal together)
Quatre--Cornelia Robson
Trowa--Dr. Bessner (again, I wanted those two together)
Relena Worshipper #2--Louis Bourget
WhiteHead-oops, sorry, I mean that guy that was so obsessed with Relena--Windlesham




"Relena Peacecraft!"

"You mean she'd finally here?"

"Man I thought she was just going to buy this estate and leave it alone or something."

It was indeed the much loved society beauty, heiress to the Sanq Kingdom, that strolled down the path the crowd had parted to make. Her step was regal, her head held high. But there was an air of arrogance about her that made people wary. Nevertheless, she flashed a winning smile that eased all uneasiness.

The whispers started again. "I heard that Mr. Whitehead had proposed to her!"

"You must be joking!"

"No! And what's more? She still hasn't said yes!"

"My, the dear. I do hope she does not pass such an offer as this."


The cry of a new voice turned more than a few heads as a small, surprisingly pretty young man weaved through the mob of people with unsurpassed agility and grace.


The girl laughed as the newcomer suddenly swept her off the ground in an enthusiastic hug so characteristic of him. His violet eyes were bright, shining with undeniable joy and excitement.

Relena leaned against his steady form briefly to stable herself on her expensive heeled shoes. "Why haven't you called, you selfish fiend?" she joked. "It's been so long since I've seen you last. You'd better have a good explanation for your disappearance!"

Duo giggled in delight and pulled her into the large mansion looming over them, barely giving Relena time to nod good-naturedly at the people still piled on the other side of the metal gate.

"Well, I suppose you have the right to kick my ass, BUT it was all for a good cause."

She pouted playfully at him, pulling on a hurt face. "Since when does leaving me all by myself a good cause?" she demanded lightly.

Duo grinned. "Don't you understand, sweetheart? I've been 'going' with this really gorgeous Oriental guy, and he said he wants to marry me!"

Relena stopped cold in her tracks. "You're not saying…"

"Yes I am!"

Slowly, a happy smile crossed over her delicate features and she felt her heart soar with joy for her best friend. "Why Duo, that's wonderful! Tell me more about him. I want to make sure he's good enough for my good friend."

They'd reached the dining room by now, and Duo helped himself to the couch and some cookies on the silver platter. Relena sat across from him, face almost glowing with excitement.

"Come on Duo, don't keep me in the dark!" she cried, hands clasping the longer ones of the boy munching on a cracker.

Duo regarded her teasingly for a moment or two then laughed. "Alright. See, he's Japanese, with unruly hair, the most beautiful blue eyes you'll ever see, and sharp features. Very melancholy--you know how I'm attracted to guys like that--with a stoic look that clearly spells 'death glare'."

Relena winced. "That last bit doesn't sound so delightful, dear."

"Oh but he is!" insisted the American. "You'll just love him, I promise. But Relena…"

She cocked her head. "Yes?"

"I need a huge favor of you. You're in need of a bodyguard, correct? I want you to give Heero the job."

She blinked her large cornflower eyes. "Oh!"

"He used to be a soldier like me, but even since the war was over, we've both been out of job. He's the best in the business! Oh dear Relena, you must! You simply must!"

Relena smiled gently. "Alright, Duo. You bring your man along and show him to me."

Duo leapt up in glee. "You're so wonderful!" He bounded to the front door.

"Wait!" the girl called after him. "But Duo, aren't you staying? At least for tea?"

The American shook his head, grinning from ear to ear. "No hon, 'fraid I can't. Too excited. Much too excited. I'll bring him along tomorrow. Oh Relena, you'll love him, I know you will!"