Title: And One For Me Interlude/?
Author: A-chan (aishiteru_1x2@yahoo.com)
Pairings: 2x1, 1x2, 3x4

Notes: This part is highly unnecessary with the exception of two paragraphs, but the fic needs a little humor. Though I'm warning you, humor and A-chan don't mix. 0_0


Interlude: Oh Country Road, Take Me Home~

"Are we there yet?" whined Duo from the backseat. "We've been on the road for HOURS!"

Trowa once again had to restrain Wufei or the Chinese, he was sure, would've tried to strangle the prostitute, which would leave their job at square one. He sighed. Duo had three things that bound him to Wufei's 'bad' list. One, he was selling his body to complete strangers. Two, he was a male prostitute selling his body to other males. And three, he was turning Wufei's ears blue and black. They'd nearly swerved off the road twice and Trowa was certain his sweet, gentle Quatre was not in the state to handle one more. Not that he would mind a little mouth-to-mouth CPR of course… The blonde was still angry at the earlier scene.

Trowa straightened his back, determined to concentrate on his duty (navigating) and take his attention off of Quatre's cute lil' ass-- He mentally kicked himself. Damn those baby-blue eyes were distracting…

So he pulled out a map of the estate and turned half-way to the backseat. "Duo Maxwell, here is the layout of the Yuy manor. You are expected to memorize the second floor of the west wing within the day, because that is where you will be. You are restricted to that area except when Mr. Heero or one of us is with you--"

Duo jumped and banged his head against the ceiling of the car. "Hey!" he cried indignantly, "I'm not a prisoner! I don't need a fuckin' WARDEN!"

Trowa continued without missing a beat. "And you are required to neglect coarse language within the estate at all times." And being the clever young man he was, Trowa added: "Plus we may raise the pay if you follow all rules and do well."

THAT rushed all argument out of the American in a second. Duo's mouth opened and closed, then opened again before clicking shut. "Fine," he grumbled.

All was silent and peaceful. For twenty-one seconds.

"Are we there yet?"

Wufei screamed and the car swerved off the road into a hibiscus bush resting quietly on a residential lawn.

The bill was eighty-six dollars and ninety-nine cents, not including the crushed sprinklers.




*runs* NYAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!! See? I TOLD you I'm not meant to write humor!

Next up, 'III.: Through and Thorough--I hate him!' Duo has seen all of Heero he possibly can, and finds out that money is not always worth the person that comes with it. He doesn't like Heero and wants to go home. There's just one problem...he can't!