Title: And One For Me 1/?
Author: A-chan (aishiteru_1x2@yahoo.com)
Pairings: 2x1, 1x2, 3+4+3
Warnings: Future lemon
Notes: To know what’s going on, you MUST read the prologue first.

I.: A Desperate Cry For Duo Maxwell!~

Trowa regarded the map again. How strange…the street names didn’t seem to be right. Then again, there WERE no signs. He sighed and rubbed his eyes warily.

"I think we’re lost," he insisted for the eightieth time that hour.

Beside him in the driver’s seat, Wufei twitched for the eightieth time that hour. "We are not lost," he growled, pride wounded at the thought of the possibility, that HE, CHANG WUFEI was LOST of all unprideful things.

Behind them, Quatre pleaded. "Please Wufei, can’t we just ask for directions?"

Wufei made a strangled noise while Trowa chuckled softly. "Quatre, look around this neighborhood."

Sure enough, the buildings around them were weather-beaten and the paint peeling, IF they could be called buildings. Trash was literally piled at every corner and the whole area reeked of filth. Thin, dirty people stared wide-eyed at their Rolls Royce as they passed and others snarled in obvious jealousy and contempt.

The little blonde blushed prettily and sat back. "Yes, I suppose you’re right. Trowa, let me see the map." Once he looked at it, his normally sweet expression turned to one of confusion. He stared at it, turned it upside-down, squinted at it, and sighed. "Uh, I can’t read this."

Trowa shrugged and took back the map. "A nine-year old drew it Quatre. I gave him a quarter and he drew it up saying it’d take us straight to ‘Duo Maxwell’, whoever she is."

Wufei turned the car around again and snorted. "Well, she mustn’t be too bright if she has to resort to selling her body to complete strangers for a living." He shuddered. "Really, some people have no sense of dignity."

Quatre moved the subject to lighter tones. "But I’ve heard more than once that ‘Duo Maxwell can melt the hardest of hearts’."

Trowa nodded. "So have I."

Wufei scowled darkly. "Whatever. Just remember that you two chose her, so if it doesn’t work out, don’t get me involved."


After another half-hour and Wufei FINALLY gave in to asking for directions, the three found themselves in front of a tiny, beaten-down drug store.



"…!" they said at once.

A short, stocky man in his late forties approached them, chewing on a dry strand of grass. "Y’ wan’ some’n?" he drawled, eyeing their rich, intricately woven clothes and looking down at his own tattered rags.

Wufei swallowed a snarl and shifted uneasily. "Yes. Do you know Duo Maxwell?"

One of the man’s eyebrows popped up and his beady black eyes narrowed at the strangers. A tense silence fell over the group until he spoke at last. "Yeah, he’s ov’ t’ere," he told them with a slight gesture towards the tiny shed on the side. He bristled suddenly and was in Trowa’s face. "You rich bast’rds leave ‘im alone now, y’ hear me? ‘e was nearly dead las’ time one o’ you ‘elites’ go’ yo’ dirty han’s on ‘im!"

Trowa frowned and backed away while Quatre blinked slowly.

"‘Him’?" Oh god…

His genuine surprise startled the shop owner out of his anger for a brief moment and he grinned a humorless smile. "Yeah, go’ a probl’ wit’ tha’?"

Quatre flushed a deep flamingo red. "We thought…" He never finished his sentence, for that moment a rich tenor interrupted him.

"Thought what?"

Looking over, the four noticed a longhaired, slender figure clad in all leather leaning against the Rolls Royce.

"Duo!" the shopkeeper scolded. "You go bac’ t’ere righ’ now!"

The young man turned up his nose and cast an uninterested glance at the strangers. "Let me guess. You thought I was a chick?" he smirked, shockingly violet eyes glittering. They didn’t need to say anything for Duo to know the answer. "Yeah, yeah, I guess where you live the street walkers are all girls. But not in this neighborhood." He tossed his head a bit, sending his long chestnut braid flying.

Wufei’s hands balled into fists. "Kisama! We certainly can’t bring back a BOY to Mr. Yuy!" he hollered at the other two.

Quatre sweatdropped while Trowa remained expressionless. The latter suddenly moved forward toward the prostitute, coming to a stop two feet before him.

"We want to hire you for a while. Four hundred a day."

A ka-ching! rang in Duo’s head and he nodded eagerly. "You got yourself a bed warmer!" he purred. Before Trowa could react, he latched onto the other and lip-locked. Quatre let out a squawk of outrage and Wufei was afraid he’d go Zero.

"You--you…!!!!" The blonde was practically jumping up and down in his fury.

Duo pulled away from Trowa, glancing between him and Quatre in confusion. He blinked and scratched his head. "Ma, ma!" he giggled, "OK, so not you two." His eyes landed on Wufei and he glomped onto the horrified Chinese. "Then it must be you, honeysugar! My, you certainly look like you could use my *cough* services," he gushed.

The shriek Wufei let out was later described by Duo as ‘a very onna-y scream’, much to the chauffeur’s vexation. "Teme! Kisama! Shimatta! Hentai! Ch’kuso!!" he howled, trying to pry the boy off of him.

Quatre stopped fuming long enough to tell Duo the truth. "Actually, we’re here for our employer’s son, Heero Yuy."

The American raised an elegant brow. "Yuy? As in ODIN Lowe Yuy?"

"Yes. We’ll take you to him."

Duo stayed where he was. "Sorry, gotta see the guy first."

"But--four hundred! Remember the four hundred!"

"Nope. You bring him to see ME and THEN I’ll think about it." He remained adamant.

Quatre sighed and pulled out a picture of the boy in question. He handed it over to the prostitute. Duo’s mild scowl softened as he stared at the photo. //This guy is GORGEOUS!// And fucking RICH, his mind supplied happily. It was people like this one that had cash flowing out of their socks and was always careless where they put it.

Duo’s grin with mischievous as he remained oblivious to everything but the scowling face before him. He snapped out of his reverie and pocketed the photo. "What’re you wanting for? Iku ze!"


^,_,^ Yup, short-short chapter, ‘cuz it’s 11:30 PM and my eyes are crossing.