Title: And One For Me
Author: A-chan (aishiteru_1x2@y...)
Pairings: 2x1, 1x2, 3/4 and reference to 5+S too
Warnings: Prostitutes, billionaires, lemons, the works
Disclaimer: Yeah, yeah, not mine, not mine. The ficcie
is, though!
Summery: Billionaire Odin Lowe Yuy notices that his son (Heero) is getting grumpier and grouchier by the day, and decides that he needs to get laid! So he sends the housekeeper (Quatre -_-), the butler (Trowa ^^;) and the cheuffer (Wufei O_o) to find him a prostitute. So the three of them search, and turn up with one Duo Maxwell. Upon taking him home as ‘a new servant’, they’re dismayed that Duo doesn’t like Heero! What’s more, Heero can’t stand Duo! Uh-oh… However, there’s a Fated One for everybody, even Heero.

Prologue: Mr. Yuy’s Decision~


*clickity clack, clickity clack*

The noise was slowly but steadily driving Odin Lowe Yuy insane as he stood watching his son at his doorway. This was one of those times that he regretted getting Heero a computer in the first place. It was all the blue-eyed boy would pay any attention to!

Or maybe he blamed the tutor he’d hired for him. J, his name was. Lowe had fired him a couple of years back, though the damage had been done.

He approached the silent boy and rested a fatherly hand on the muscled shoulder. "Heero." His voice was gentle but stern. "You’ve missed two meals today. I don’t think you should miss dinner too."

"… Can’t. Not hungry. Mission not complete."

Lowe could barely contain his frustrations. //WHAT mission?!?!?!?// "Do you want it brought to you?"


He tugged experimentally at one powerful arm, but his son refused to budge. He gave a low growl and turned out of the room.

This has got to stop! It was getting ridiculous. What mission?! How can a growing boy go an entire day without so much as a bread crumb? Most of all, what the hell did Heero insist on imitating a marble statue through the most important stage of his life?!? He was a teenager! Why, when Lowe was his age, he would be partying with his friends! Ogling girls! Getting laid--hold it…

Subconsciously, Lowe’s pace slowed to a near crawl. //That’s it!// Sex relieved tension, and heaven knew Heero had plenty of it to relieve. But who would…?

The answer was simple enough. Lowe snapped his fingers. //I’m a genius!// Afterall, he had become one of the richest men alive with the dream of creating a happy family. So what was the use of having all this money if his dream couldn’t even be achieved?

A small body brushed by him, startling the man out of his thoughts. He stared at the retreating form.

"Quatre!" he called.

The said boy turned with a bright smile.

"Get the butler and the cheuffer. Come to my office in ten minutes."


Lowe ushered his servants in excitedly, shutting the oak door securely and settling behind his desk.

"Listen carefully, you three, because what I’m about to tell you concerns my son."

Quatre Winner, Trowa Barton, and Chang Wufei listened.

And sqawked at the order they were given.



*snickers* Next, chapter one: The search for one Duo Maxwell

>_< AH!! This didn’t turn out HALF as well as I’d hoped. But worry not, I suck at intros anyway, so it’ll probably get better later on.