Act of Love, Act of War
Cygnet Wings
Dear Diary
Duo's Decision Part 1 (Sequel to A Soul Redeemed)
Duo's Decision Part 2
Duo's Decision Part 3
Duo's Decision Part 4
Experiment 1
God Bless Duo
God Bless Heero (sequel to God Bless Duo)
A Heart too Burdened
It Happened One Halloween Night
On Silent Wings
The Parallel
Shimihitotsu nai Ninshin
Six Months
So Very Beautiful
A Soul Redeemed (Sequel to A Heart too Burdened)
A Tale of Love
3 Days in Hell
Two Song Dedications
Unexpected Rescue Part 1
Unexpected Rescue Part 2
Unexpected Response
Untitled (2)
Untitled (3)
Untitled (4)
Untitled (5) Parts 1 and 2
Untitled (6) Part 1
Untitled (7) Parts 1-4
Wedding Day
What Happened at the Clambake
What Happened to Duo (sequel to It Happened One Halloween Night)

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