Duo-Centric Ficlets
Life Rules 1: Modus Operandi
Life Rules 2: What a way to go
Life Rules 3: Hunting
Life Rules 4: Cinematic Bliss
Life Rules 5: The Things We Do So We're Not Bored
Life Rules 6: A Moment of Quiet
Life Rules 7: One Picture (picture included)
Life Rules 8: Picture This (picture included)
Life Rules 9: Zap!
Life Rules 10: Pictures Taken (pictures included)
Life Rules 11: First Meetings
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Mission Accepted (More than Darkness Side Story)
More than Darkness
My Wish
An Ode to Duo's Hair
An Ode to Heero's Ass
Shadow's Revenge
Shinigami Desu (Pre/Sequel to More than Darkness)
Slogans of the Damned
Stealing Kisses
Tea Time
Tonight and the Rest of my Life

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