Artful Obsession
Autumn Crossing *NEW*
Avenging Angel
Awake *NEW*
Braiding Hair can be Sexy
Broken Eggs
Dancing With Desire
A Deal with Death
Deck the Halls
Do You Trust Me?
Faith, Fortitude, and Forever (sequel to Odd and Outrageous)
Final Request
Flying on the Wings of Love (sequel to I Will Never Let You Go)
For Better or for Worse
Freedom Fighters
Going Home (sequel to Return from Eternity)
Heart's Desire
Hearts in Tune
Heero Take Me Higher
Home is Where the Heart is
I Died in Your Arms Tonight
I Will Never Let You Fall (sequel to Standing on the Brink of Love)
Ice Cream
Inside the Void
It is not your time
Just 'Cause You're Lonely Tonight
Learning to Dance
Letting Go (sequel to Learning to Dance)
Life in Three Steps
A Love Before Time
Love Conquers All
Love That Will Never Grow Old *NEW*
Love Thy Neighbor Parts 1-10
Love Thy Neighbor Parts 11-12 and Epilogue
Meet Me at the Bridge
Melting Dreams
Morning Sun, Evening Star
No Happily-Ever-After
Odd and Outrageous
On the Edge of Forever *NEW*
Perfectly OK!
Piece of Heaven
A Pocket Full of Dreams
Pumpin' *NEW*
A Reason for Living Parts 1-11
A Reason for Living Parts 12-Epilogue
Return from Eternity
Revelations of the Heart
The Rose
Saving Grace
Second Sight
Shadow Mist
A Shifting Fortune
Shower Scene (sequel to Subtle Seduction)
Simple Devotion
Somewhere Beyond Midnight
Spirit Dreams Inside (sequel to Words That We Couldn't Say)
Stalk, Study and Sacrifice (sequel to Watching, Waiting and Wondering)
Standing on the Brink of Love
Strangers in the Night
Strike Force Five Parts 1-10
Strike Force Five Parts 11-20
Subtle Seduction
Sweet Surrender
A Teardrop Fall
Tide of Farewell
Waking Up
Watching, Waiting and Wondering
Wild Child
Wolf Moon Prologue - Part 10
Wolf Moon Parts 11 - 20 *UPDATED*
Wolf Moon Parts 21 - 30 *NEW*
Wolf Moon Parts 31 - 39 + Epilogue *NEW & COMPLETE*
Words That We Couldn't Say

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