The Chair
Date: 4-15-2004 Size: 13kb
Pairing: 1x2 Rating: NC-17
Categories: PWP Warnings:
Summary: The hand in his loose hair used it to pull his head back.

Morning After
Date: 9-21-2004 Size: 19kb
Pairing: 1+2 Rating: PG-13
Categories: 1st Person POV, First Time, Romance Warnings:
Summary: It was way too early for me to be awake. And I wasn't alone in my bed.

Date: 7-31-2004 Size: 21kb
Pairing: 2+1+2 Rating: PG-13
Categories: 1st Person POV, Romance Warnings:
Summary: You say nothing, simply stepping back into your foyer, inviting me into your home with a sweep of your arm.

You're Just What I Needed
Date: 8-28-2004 Size: 27kb
Pairing: 1+2+1 Rating: PG-13
Categories: Pre-Slash Warnings:
Summary: "I'd receive better treatment at the hands of the Alliance!"

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