Beloved Child
Date: 6-16-2001 Size: 29kb
Pairing: 1+2+1 Rating: PG-13/R
Categories: Angst, First Time, Pre-Slash Warnings:
Summary: "Hey, the Kid is really noisy, ne??"

The Pain
Date: 5-18-2000 Size: 13kb
Pairing: 1+2 Rating: PG-13
Categories: Angst, SongFic Warnings: Suicide
Summary: He was staring through the window, through the night that reigned outside.

Date: 5-8-2000 Size: 28kb
Pairing: 1x2 Rating: R
Categories: AU Warnings:
Summary: Heero was in front of his laptop, staring at its blank screen.

With you in your dreams
Date: 5-17-2000 Size: 17kb
Pairing: 1+2 Rating: PG-13
Categories: AU, SongFic Warnings:
Summary: "It's over ... it finally happened ...Nin... Ninmu Ryoukai... "

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